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Hi! I am so glad you found my shop!

My name is Nermina and I am the founder of Nermina's Jewelry. I started making clay jewelry first as a hobby, basically as a creative outlet. I eventually opened a shop to be able to share the pieces I make inspired by my culture. 

I was born in Bosnia and Hercegovina during the Bosnian war. Being a part of the Balkan diaspora, it's always been very hard to figure out my identity. I was always too Bosnian for America and too American for Bosnia. This is what inspired me to create jewelry that incorporates the culture from the Balkans. The Balkan region has a unique culture but it's also mixed with Slavic and Turkish influence. I wanted to create pieces that allows the diaspora to connect to their roots and also share our beautiful culture with everyone. 

I specifically chose clay jewelry because of the creative freedom it gave me. The polymer clay makes the earrings feel so lightweight! They typically weigh between 5-10 g, even the large pieces. Each piece is handmade, hand-painted and made in small batches. They are also covered in resin to protect the design and to give it a shiny look. I also use hypoallergenic stainless steel for all the findings, I have sensitive ears myself. 

It was also very important for me to be sustainable so I use all eco-friendly packaging. All earrings are placed in a reusable bag stamped with the customers name. I know the struggle of not finding your name on things when you have a unique name! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and getting to know me and my shop better!


Hvala puno,


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